Monday, 17 February 2014

Egginton to Mickleover

From Egginton Junction Bridge to Mickleover Station is a distance of a little over 5 miles.
A video shown at normal cycling speed is not very exciting so it is shown at 4 times actual cycling speed.  This represents an apparent speed of about 50 mph, a speed which most of us would not be able to achieve.
It is not possible to show this length of video on the blog so it is on You Tube and the link is

Monday, 3 February 2014

Breadsall Greenway Video

The Breadsall Greenway is the North Eastern part of the Great Northern Greenway, once the Great Northern Railway and now Route 672 of the National Cycle Network.
On the West side of Derby lies the Mickleover Greenway. Sadly the middle part of the railway route in the City of Derby has been lost during the years of dereliction.
The aim by Derbyshire County Council is to take the Breadsall Greenway through to Ilkeston.
This is severely limited by financial considerations but a further short section is currently under construction.
To see a video on You Tube of the present Greenway from the Paddock PH to Sixoate Gate click HERE
Also a second video covering the ride downhill from Sixoate Gate to Breadsall Station can be seen on You Tube by clicking HERE2

This is supplementary to the slideshow post of October 2013 entitled " Breadsall for Beginners".