Saturday, 17 May 2014

Breadsall Greenway Phase 2

Construction of the long awaited extension to the Breadsall Greenway is now complete (May 2014) and it forms a short but worthy addition to our local off-road cycle routes, running from the top end of Brookside Road to Lime Lane, mostly following the line of the Great Northern Railway, but avoiding the cutting which contains the SSSI Nature Reserve and the redundant Morley Tunnel.
We now have a video of the route on YouTube, starting at Lime Lane and running downhill to join the Phase 1 section at the junction of Brookside Road and the A608.

Click  HERE to see the video on YouTube.

See also "Breadsall for Beginners" in October 2013 posting,
which covers the route from Derby City Centre to the start of the greenway at the Paddock PH.
The distance from the Paddock PH to the end of the Phase 2 section is 2.8 miles.

There follows a series of still photographs of the new path running from the top of the Phase 1 section through to Lime Lane.

                                                                    This is where it starts.

Take care crossing the A608 road which although subject to a 40mph speed limit carries some high speed traffic.
              The path runs for a short distance alongside the main road from this bus stop...................

........ up to the entrance gate here. The K frame barrier is unusually narrow and DCC are on course to  widen it.

We are now running parallel to the main road, but separated by the low hawthorn hedge on the left.

At this point the path veers away from the road which drops down into Donkey Hollow.

                   On the right here is the SSSI Nature Reserve in the old railway cutting.

    And here at the end of the Nature Reserve, we turn onto the original track bed which takes us as  far as Morley Tunnel.

                                            A nice straight and flat section from here on.

 At this bridge, which carries a farm track only, we leave the track bed to climb over Morley Tunnel which is behind the bridge.

                                     Morley Tunnel is beneath the trees ahead on the right

                                            A bit of a climb up here but Lime Lane is in sight.

 And here it is.  The NE end of Morley Tunnel lies beneath the trees ahead, and for the time being the greenway ends here.  Turn left for Morley and right for the A608, Oakwood, and the Kings Corner PH at the crossroads.

                                         A nice place to call in for a drink and some refreshment.