Sunday, 12 June 2016

Update on Infinity Park Way

Although most of the work on this new road, which joins Wilmore Road to The Bonny Prince Roundabout on the A50 Trunk Road, is now complete, the road will not be opened until July, as there is a delay in getting electrical power to the traffic lights.

The road surface is finished apart from the painting of double yellow (no parking) lines along the whole length of the road, which will be subject to a 40mph speed limit.

The whole length has shared pedestrian/cycle paths and these join with two existing National Cycle Network Routes, Route 6 (which links to Swarkestone and Derby), and Route 66 the Derby Orbital Route (via Sinfin Moore Lane).

Away from the road a line of trees has been planted and all of them are now growing and will form a dramatic backdrop in years to come, being alternately oak and ash trees.

The new road has two bridges both crossing Cuttle Brook , which in turn has a system of ditches and lagoons to prevent flooding at times of heavy rain. Kingfishers are known to frequent the brook which has good stocks of small fish, and some of the new retaining walls have been built with artificial nesting features for the birds.

Update 11July 2016
The official opening of the new road is now scheduled for Thursday 28th July.