Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sky Rides

For several years, Sky Television have organised a number of city centre cycle rides which have attracted many thousands of cyclists out onto the streets of their city which have been closed to vehicular traffic for the event. Also in parks and open spaces on the route, there have been a variety of cycling based events and demonstrations. Open air cinemas, music, food and lots of banners and flags. A truly memorable spectacle.
For the benefit of participants from elsewhere, the routes have run close to local notable buildings such as York Minster, Leicester's KingPower Stadium and Coventry Cathedral. Apart from the shear numbers of cyclists, usually upwards of 10,000, a striking feature has been the wide age range, with three year old children riding along with their parents, and some even younger children in bike trailers. This bodes well for the future of cycling.
Here are some photographs of the rides.

                                                              Skeldergate Bridge York

Bike trailers are not just for kids.

On the Millenium Bridge, York.

Clifford's Tower, York

The main starting point in York.

                                                                Passing York Minster.